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advisory_board - INFRAMIX Advisory Board

Subject: INFRAMIX Advisory Board

Description: About INFRAMIX:
INFRAMIX is an EU funded project in the framework of ART-05-2016 ‘Road infrastructure to support the transition to automation and the coexistence of conventional and automated vehicles on the same network’. Within the project, 11 partners collaborate targeting to design, upgrade, adapt and test both physical and digital elements of the road infrastructure, ensuring an uninterrupted, predictable, safe and efficient traffic. To meet this high-level objective INFRAMIX is working on different technologies, combining simulation, traffic flow modelling, traffic estimation and control algorithms etc. This work includes ways of informing all types of vehicles about the control commands issued by the road operator and the proposal of new kind of visual and electronic signals for the needs of mixed scenarios.
The outcomes will be assessed via simulation and in real stretches of advanced highways. Key aspects considered throughout the project will be to ensure that the proposed adaptations will not jeopardize safety, quality of service, efficiency and will be appreciated by the users.
To achieve its objectives INFRAMIX selects a bottom-up approach. Instead of working in generic solutions with questionable impact, it builds on three specific high value (in terms of importance for traffic efficiency and safety) traffic scenarios, namely “dynamic lane assignment”, “roadworks zones” and “bottlenecks”.

For more information, please visit our project’s website:

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By accepting to join the Advisory Board you declare the following:
• I consent to the processing of my email, so that INFRAMIX sends me invitations for INFRAMIX coming events, workshops, pilots and demonstrations, notifications containing key project's findings/developments and lead stories and news related to the project.
• I consent to the maintenance of my email for five years after the start of the INFRAMIX project.

You can review INFRAMIX's Privacy Policy here:

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